United States Veteran Reserve Corps

Bringing military organization to community response. 

The Veteran Reserve Corps

The Veteran Reserve Corps (VRC) was a component of the Union Army.  Established during the Civil War as the “Invalid Corps” by General Order of the Army 105 (1863); “Veteran Reserve Corps” by General Order of the Army 111 (1864); and codified by the 39th U.S. Congress (1866).

Veteran Reserve Corps Soldiers
Foggy Bottom 1865 

U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps
Leading From the Front!

Blending the best of military organization, volunteer spirit and government emergency preparedness and response by partnering with DHS, FEMA, and state VOADs.  Through its 501(c)(3) structure, the U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps (U.S. VRC) works to demonstrate care for our communities, neighbors and members to deliver the best support possible in times of need.