United States Veteran Reserve Corps

Bringing military organization to community response.

Welcome to U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps!

The United States Veteran Reserve Corps (U.S. VRC) seeks to bring military order and discipline to community disaster planning, response and recovery. Using this Civil War organization as a role model for volunteering in a time of need (established by General Order of the Army 105 1863 and codified by the 2nd Session of the 39th U.S. Congress 1866), the U.S. VRC blends the best of both military organization and emergency preparedness and response from DHS/ FEMA, Citizen’s Corps, the American Red Cross, The Salvation Army and others. U.S. VRC works to demonstrate care for our communities, neighbors and members to deliver the best support possible in times of need.

Veteran Reserve Corps troops in formation at Foggy Bottom 1865

U.S. VRC at Chancellorsville Battlefield 2019

Take a look at what the US-VRC is all about in the video below: