What is the U.S. VRC? - The U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps (U.S. VRC) is a military structured, uniformed, fraternal, and service organization whose membership share a fervent desire to serve their communities and country. Our primary mission is preparedness for and service in times of disaster and emergencies. We are a not-for-profit charitable organization formed under IRS Code 501 ( c ) ( 3 ).

Is the U.S. VRC federal military or state militia? The U.S. VRC is an all-volunteer organization that employs a military structure for administrative and operational control. As an independent not-for-profit charitable organization formed under IRS Code 501 ( c ) ( 3 ), the U.S. VRC DOES NOT report to any specific federal or state military authority nor does it claim to be a part of the Armed Forces of the United States. We draw a proud lineage from the Veteran Reserve Corps developed by the U.S. Army during and just after the U.S. Civil War and bring that sense of dedication to service to a modern era.

Do you have to be a veteran to join? – You do not have to be a veteran to join though most of our membership is comprised of those who have served honorably and steadfastly in, or retired from, the U.S. Armed Forces, State Defense Forces, federal, state, and local governments. We welcome any qualified individual, both those with specialized professional skills or those that simply have a desire to serve.

What skills are you looking for? The U.S. VRC is looking for a variety of skill sets, virtually any skill that can be employed during a disaster response would be desired in the organization. All members from the commanding general on down must complete required emergency management training and learn basic lifesaving skills. No worries though, we’ll train you.

How often do you meet? Our units meet (or drill) typically once a month over a weekend.

Where are your drills? – Currently the organization drills at two locations, one in central Maryland and the other in central/southeast Virginia. As the organization grows, drill locations closer to you may become available.

Are there physical fitness requirements? Members are self-certified; however, personal appearance and grooming standards are aligned with federal service expectations. We have adopted the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition standards (www.fitness.gov), recommendations, and programs as the framework for individual member fitness.

Is there a “boot camp?” Not as you envision it. All members who are not prior military are placed into Initial Entry Training (IET) program. This includes units of basic instruction on drill and ceremony, military customs and courtesies, and other things civilian life does not teach you. It is done during normal drill hours and can be completed in a relatively short period. There is no physical fitness expectation, no hazing or disrespectful treatment, and in most cases, members will be sworn in at their permanent rank prior to entering training.

What can the U.S. VRC offer me?

  • A chance to give back to your community and your country
  • A chance for the veteran to get back in the boots
  • A chance to serve in uniform if you have never done so
  • A chance to experience the true fellowship and camaraderie that serving in a military unit can provide
  • A chance to be a part of something bigger than yourself