The U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps (U.S. VRC) is a military structured, uniformed, fraternal, and service organization whose membership is comprised of those who have served honorably and steadfastly in, or retired from, the U.S. Armed Forces, State Defense Forces, federal, state, and local governments, and civilians with specialized professional skills, all of whom share a fervent desire to serve their communities and country. The primary mission of the U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps is to utilize the years of service, leadership, skill, talent, and expertise gathered from our veteran core and dedicated civilians, to stand ready to provide competent, supplemental, professional, and technical support to our communities for readiness and response during times of disaster or emergency. Drawing on the fraternal nature, dedication to purpose, and leadership skills inherent in a military and service oriented community, the U.S. VRC provides a source of ready volunteers eager to assist when needed.

The U.S. VRC is a not-for-profit charitable organization formed under IRS Code 501 ( c ) (3), deriving its military lineage from the "Veteran Reserve Corps" formed by an Act of the 2nd Session of the 50th U.S. Congress (1889).

Non-Discrimination Policy- The U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps prohibits discrimination or harassment based on race, color, age, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, and genetic information. This policy applies to all members of, and entities within, the organization and all individuals, companies and organizations which conduct business with the organization.